Dragon Lychee Pearls

Dragon Lychee Pearls

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Lychee (荔枝) is an exotic tropical fruit that is incredibly popular in Asia! In ancient China, the lychee was a symbol for love, beauty, well-being, and sensuality! Lychee fruit is native to Southern China’s provinces of both Guangdong and Fujian. Since these are also famous tea growing regions, the combination of the two is only natural! Lychee fruit has a distinct floral aroma and a fragrant sweet taste; its perfume-like notes complement the black tea’s own floral flavor wonderfully. When steeped, our Dragon Lychee Pearls slowly unfurl in your cup, and produce light golden colored liquor that is absolutely irresistible! Studies have shown that black tea can help prevent cancer- it contains anti-cancer properties polyphenols. It kills off cancer causing cells while leaving healthy cells unaffected. It also slows down the growth of cancer cells. Enjoy Black Lychee straight, or iced for a refreshing fragrant treat!

This is how to do it:
1 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
205F / 95°C
3 - 4 min


Black tea, lychee essence


by Jenna
May 2019
This recent batch of Lychee pearls is just not as good as it use to be. The previous ones which were small little black balls of lychee heaven have been replaced by these larger balls of much more synthetic flavor so won't buy these ones again unless they go back to their original ones!
by Commandodude
August 2018
Might be due to my taste preferences but I did not find the tea good on its own. The fruity lychee taste is somewhat overpowering (especially when smelled) but I have found that by adding some chocolate mint, it balances out the flavor a good deal.

Likely not a repurchase but not horrible either.
by Natalia
May 2016
I died and woken up in a lychee heaven! This is by far the best lychee tea I had tried (and I had tried at least 5 different lychee teas from Tealyre itself). It is very soft and silky. Leaves a beautiful after-taste of silky lychee and an impression of a lychee breath. I use 5-6 pearls per cup and they can be rebrewed up to 3 times and maintain the flavour. Additionally since these are pearls you can be sure of the higher quality of the tea as there are full leaves rolled into apearl rather than shredded leaves. Simply beautiful. I will order much more soon!
by Nash
November 2014
I love these pearls along with the Lychee Flower. Both teas are so very flavorful & aromatic. I can get two cups from 6 pearls so they are also worth the price.
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