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20 Year Aged Iceland Pu’erh Raw

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Our 20 Year Aged Iceland Pu'erh is a fine aged raw (sheng) pu’erh from Mengku Iceland Tea Garden in Shuangjiang County, Yunnan. Iceland tea 冰岛茶 is a famous and highly sought after Yunnan tea with a rich history recorded back during the Ming Dynasty (before 1485). It is grown in a small village that sits isolated 2,000 meters above sea level along the once-bustling and absolutely historical Ancient Tea-Horse Road. 

Picked from large, wild ancient trees (over 100 years old) and is composed of whole, unbroken twisted large leaves. It is said that the leaves of Mengku trees are dark green and soft, with an especially strong fragrance that is very unique. 

When the tea is initially steeped, it has a slightly woodsy aroma, then releases a smoky floral richness. This Aged Iceland pu’erh totally comes alive after the first infusion- it is incredibly smooth, with a slight camphor, incense like note. It has a strong chaqi that is smoked, smooth, fresh and has just a touch of astringency.

If stored properly, this tea will keep well and continue to age beautifully. For the best tea drinking experience, we recommend using a gaiwan and enjoying multiple infusions.

How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1 TSP or 1 BAG
1.5 - 3 min
Raw Pu’erh tea
Adrian Cherniak-Koeck
January 2024
I am a tea-head and Pu'Erh aficionado... this tea is fantastic. Using Gong Fu style, I first preheat the Gaiwan with boiling water before adding 8 grams/100ml of this leaf and covering for 15 seconds, letting the warm steam open the initial leaves and bring out the volatiles. Rock candy, icing sugar and malted toffee notes on the nose. I brew it at 212F/100C on the first wash, not breaking the cha-dan, and discard the wash after 9 seconds. I then cover the tea leaves to let the steam drip the volatiles from the lid onto the tea again, and brew with 195F/92C water for up to 10 infusions. The sweet sugary aftertaste lingers on and on. Driving to work it's like sucking on a candy, with the saliva holding that sweetness. For a light and sweet Pu'Erh, this is the cats meow. Drink On, Teaheads. The Tea Shall Set You Free.
Darran Riche
December 2021
I really like this tea, my first try of an aged raw pu'erh.
I get a smooth gentle taste of apricot melon and raisins with zero astringency/bitterness. I use a round teaspoon in a 150ml yixing teapot for 3mins, and get 3 tasteful steeps, a little longer for each steep which works well for my taste.
Jess P
November 2021
So good and soothing - this is my go-to hangover tea or for stressful mornings and it always makes me feel incredible. The flavour is very smooth and not on the musty side like you get with many puerhs. Will be buying many times!
Andrea Bush
June 2021
Stunned at how amazing this tea is. I drink the blackest of blacks,and mostly Shu puerh as I like my tea STRONG and dark. Full bodied . Lapsang Souchong is my favorite. But I wanted to try a well aged Sheng as I heard they are better than the shu. Ripe... cooked Puerh. When I saw how light and golden this was... I was worried . But this is smooth, NO bitterness. Buttery, soft, delicate and has a honey apricot flavor. I will be buying it again. LOVE it!
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